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I have been trying to read one book a week for some years now. I started this journey inspired by a post from Julien Smith in late 2009. I always read a lot, but never took the time to keep track of how much. Having a goal helps me stay focused. I have a pretty busy schedule, but I always take the time everyday to read, whether at home or away. Whatever your habits are, I am sure you can find a few minutes a day to dedicate to a good book.

As my friend Anton says, I help keep bookstores (online and offline) profitable.

NOTE: Most of the links on this page are affiliate links. That means that I get a small fee when you buy, but you don’t pay one cent more. You’ll be helping me maintain my projects. So, thank you!

Books read in 2023

  1. Manifesto, by Bernardine Evaristo
  2. On Directing Film, by David Mamet
  3. As Notícias: Um manual de utilização, de Alain de Botton
  4. Let’s talk, by Nihal Arthanayake
  5. Work/World, by Sanjoy Roy
  6. Talk to me, by Dean Nelson
  7. It doesn’t have to be crazy at work, by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson
  8. Os filhos da madrugada, de Anabela Mota Ribeiro
  9. As Malditas, de Camila Sosa Villada
  10. Como perder uma eleição, de Luís Paixão Martins
  11. Os Filhos da Madrugada II, de Anabela Mota Ribeiro
  12. Aniquilação, de Michel Houellebecq
  13. Persepolis, de Marjane Satrapi
  14. Um Homem em Declínio, de Osamu Dazai
  15. O Homem sentimental, de Javier Marías
  16. The Art of the interview, by Lawrence Grobel
  17. Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art? By Kyung An and Jessica Cerasi
  18. Cheap Movie Tricks, by Rickey Bird
  19. Ensaio sobre a lucidez, de José Saramago
  20. O Quarto do Bebé, de Anabela Mota Ribeiro
  21. Sei porque canta o pássaro na gaiola, de Maya Angelou
  22. Entrepreneurial you, by Dorie Clark
  23. Os 12 desafios do empreendedor, de Paulo de Vilhena
  24. Dar a volta ao texto, de Martim Mariano
  25. As entrevistas da Paris Review, volume 2
  26. On Connection, by Kae Tempest

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