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I have been trying to read one book a week for some years now. I started this journey inspired by a post from Julien Smith in late 2009. I always read a lot, but never took the time to keep track of how much. Having a goal helps me stay focused. I have a pretty busy schedule, but I always take the time everyday to read, whether at home or away. Whatever your habits are, I am sure you can find a few minutes a day to dedicate to a good book.

As my friend Anton says, I help keep Amazon and other bookstores (online and offline) profitable.

Books read in 2018

  1. O ano da morte de Ricardo Reis, by José Saramago (Wook)
  2. Better living through criticism, by A. O. Scott (Amazon US | Amazon UK)
  3. Cadernos de Lanzarote I, by José Saramago
  4. Avance, by Francesco Marconi
  5. Call me by your name, by André Aciman (Amazon US | Amazon UK)
  6. Walk Through Walls, by Marina Abramović (Amazon US | Amazon UK)
  7. Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs of People, by Henry Carroll (Amazon US | Amazon UK)
  8. A Doença, o Sofrimento e a Morte Entram Num Bar, by Ricardo Araújo Pereira
  9. What is Culture for, by The School of Life
  10. Rise of the Youpreneur, by Chris Ducker (Amazon US | Amazon UK)
  11. Your Press Release Is Breaking My Heart, by Janet Murray (Amazon US | Amazon UK)
  12. Everybody Writes, by Ann Handley (Amazon US | Amazon UK)
  13. How to Write Non-Fiction, by Joanna Penn (Amazon US | Amazon UK)
  14. Big Magic, by Elisabeth Gilbert (Amazon US | Amazon UK)
  15. Digital freedom, by Matt Stone (Amazon US | Amazon UK)
  16. Hotel Memória, by João Tordo
  17. Quit your job in 6 months book 1, by Buck Flogging
  18. Quit your job in 6 months book 2, by Buck Flogging
  19. Stop talking start doing, by Sháá Wasmund (Amazon US | Amazon UK)
  20. Running a Web Design Business from Home, by Rob Cubbon (Amazon US | Amazon UK)
  21. How To Be A Rockstar Freelancer, by Collis Ta’eed Cyan Ta’eed
  22. The million dollar blog, by Natasha Courtney-Smith (Amazon US | Amazon UK)
  23. Read this if you want to be Instagram famous (Amazon US | Amazon UK)
  24. Show Your Work!, by Austin Kleon (Amazon US | Amazon UK)
  25. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, by Mark Manson (Amazon US | Amazon UK)
  26. O assassinato de Margaret Thatcher, de Hilary Mantel
  27. Cadernos de Lanzarote II, de José Saramago
  28. Your Museum needs a Podcast, by Hannah Hethmon
  29. Estar vivo aleija, de Ricardo Araújo Pereira
  30. Políticas Culturais para o Desenvolvimento
  31. Suficientemente bom, desprezivelmente mau, de Luís Pedro Nunes

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