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I have been trying to read one book a week for some years now. I started this journey inspired by a post from Julien Smith in late 2009. I always read a lot, but never took the time to keep track of how much. Having a goal helps me stay focused. I have a pretty busy schedule, but I always take the time everyday to read, whether at home or away. Whatever your habits are, I am sure you can find a few minutes a day to dedicate to a good book.

As my friend Anton says, I help keep bookstores (online and offline) profitable.

Books read in 2021

  1. Contas Poupan├ža – viva melhor com o mesmo dinheiro, de Pedro Andersson
  2. Born a crime, by Trevor Noah
  3. Freedom is a constant struggle, by Angela Y. Davis
  4. The heart to start, by David Kadavy
  5. How to write a book, by David Kadavy
  6. Choose Yourself!, by James Altucher
  7. DO / OPEN, by David Hieatt
  8. Tribes, by Seth Godin
  9. Mil novecentos e oitenta e quatro, de George Orwell
  10. The unbearable lightness of being, by Milan Kundera

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