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I have been trying to read one book a week for some years now. I started this journey inspired by a post from Julien Smith in late 2009. I always read a lot, but never took the time to keep track of how much. Having a goal helps me stay focused. I have a pretty busy schedule, but I always take the time everyday to read, whether at home or away. Whatever your habits are, I am sure you can find a few minutes a day to dedicate to a good book.

As my friend Anton says, I help keep Amazon and other bookstores (online and offline) profitable.

Books read in 2020

  1. On Writing, by Stephen King
  2. White, by Bret Easton Ellis
  3. O Mapa e o Território, de Michel Houellebecq
  4. A coleção privada de Acácio Nobre, de Patrícia Portela
  5. O espaço vazio, de Peter Brook
  6. Ensaio sobre a cegueira, de José Saramago
  7. The creative habit, by Twyla Tharp
  8. The miracle morning, by Hal Elrod
  9. Manual do bom fascista, de Rui Zink
  10. A new Earth, by Eckhart Tolle
  11. Imaginação, de Marta Porto
  12. O naufrágio das civilizações, de Amin Maalouf
  13. Ways of seeing, de John Berger
  14. Todos os nomes, de José Saramago
  15. Letting go of the camera, de Brooks Jensen
  16. Make Noise, de Eric Nuzum
  17. Podcasting, por Amanda Mayo
  18. Mao II, de Don Delillo
  19. O pequeno caminho das grandes perguntas, de José Tolentino Mendonça

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