Main Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing has been a very talked about discipline in recent years, and will continue to be as time goes by. One of its definitions could be “marketing that uses digital channels and platforms to reach a company’s or a person’s business goals”. There are seven main strategies involved in [...]

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Mori Building Digital Art Museum – Interview

The Mori Building Digital Art Museum recently opened in Tokio, being a digital-only museum, with the goal of creating a new relationship between people and art. Ken from teamLab answered a few questions about the company and the new museum. What is teamLab and what's their main goals? We put [...]

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Paris now has a digital museum of fine arts

Since April 2018, Paris has a new addition to it's cultural scene: The Atelier des Lumières. The Atelier, built in collaboration with Culturespaces, is located in an 19th century foundry, recovered to host the new initiative. You can visit three exhibitions for now, one dedicated to painter Gustav Klimt, one [...]

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5 reasons I’ll be at the Web Summit for the 5th time

2013 Dublin - Check! 2014 Dublin - Check! 2016 Lisbon - Check! 2017 Lisbon - Check! The Web Summit is the largest gathering of tech and startups in the world. Of course it didn't begin that way. What started with a gathering of 300 people in Dublin, grew to an [...]

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Building a website for a business ideas competition

As I told you in a previous article, the European Wine City initiative 2018 was attributed to Alenquer and Torres Vedras, two cities with a developing wine industry. I was commissioned by the Alenquer Municipality to build a site for "Wine Discoveries", a business ideas competition. The competition aims to [...]

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6 tips to manage a Social Media Crisis

There comes a time in every organization when crisis knocks. Either a discontent costumer, someone who doesn’t like you or your brand, a piece of news that paints you in a less favorable light, or any other reason that may snap you from your happy posting and send you in [...]

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