Week #1 of a new life

As a wrote recently, I am now part of the appraisal commission for the Portuguese Network of Theaters and Cine theaters. This is a new challenge, one of great responsibility, but also a very pleasant  and exciting one.

This past week, we traveled to six theatres, in various areas of Portugal. We’ve been to:

Every theatre is different, with particular strenghs and weaknesses, so the aim is to make the strengths bigger, and the weaknesses smaller.

This was probably an atypical week. I predict most won’t be this intensive, since there will also be time to think and report on our findings. But it was great fun traveling with my new colleagues, and chatting about work, the arts, and life in general.

I intend to write weekly on these travels, so keep checking the site.

I’m also doing an Instagram series with images of all the theatres I visit.

Here’s to getting to know your country better.

Image: Garcia de Resende Theatre, in Évora

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