The Digital Scene – October 2019

Facebook pop-up cafes

Some time ago, I came across a headline stating that social media company Facebook was opening a few pop-up cafes in the UK, where patrons could get a free cup of coffee and a privacy checkup. This strikes me as ironic, since Facebook has been regularly in the news for breaking privacy stats and for data prividing to ill intentioned companies (Cambridge Analytica, anyone?). The will to help users improve their privacy settings on Facebook seems good to me, but I believe the company has bigger fish to fry.


As a child, I watched the movie “Neverending story” in wonder. Flying dogs, music by Limahl, a story based on a book by Michael Ende… it all was good (or so it seemed at the time). But this Brexit story, that has been going on since 2016, really seems neverending. Delay after delay, parliament vote after parliament vote, EU negotiation after EU negotiation. It is now certain that the break won’t happen before 2020, and who knows if even then. The repercussions for economy are huge, and many companies have left the country already. A small example I got to know about was international magazine Monocle moving printing facilities from the UK to Germany months ago. London has always been one of my favorite cities to visit, and I sure hope it remains so.

A Podcast: The Paris review

The Paris Review is a literary magazine founded in Paris in 1953. Over the years it has included texts, stories poetry, and interviews with the world’s greatest writers, many Nobel Prize winners. Their podcast reflects the huge archive the magazine has, featuring readings by authors and actors, historic interviews with literary giants, and much more. If you enjoy books and reading, this is a must listen podcast.

Photo by Alexander Andrews

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