The Digital Scene – July 2019

Fake News

The topic of fake news may seem like old news, so much it has been discussed in recent years. To be clear, fake news are false news, not an opinion you don’t agree with. The Earth is flat… FAKE. There is no climate change… FAKE. And so on, and so on. Some Presidents seem to confuse the two, citing fact based news as fake news just because it goes against their beliefs. As a citizen, you should pay attention and be able to know what is what. So, double check every piece of information you see, and make sure it comes from a reliable source.

Neuralink implants

Some call Elon Musk a visionary, some dismiss him as irrealistic. His latest venture, tech startup Neuralink, is set to build brain implants that will be connected to computers via artificial intelligence. According to an article published in Dezeen, “The goal is to use Neuralink to understand and treat different forms of brain or spine-related disorders. For instance, paralysed humans could use the implanted device to control phones or computers”. The first tests are scheduled for 2020.

Scary? Revolutionary? Will humans be more like computers? Will computers be more like humans? Will mankind’s living quality improve due to these advances? These as all questions for which answers must be found. We must evolve, but we must tread with care.

A Podcast: Creative Class

Paul Jarvis and Kaleigh Moore ar the hosts of “Creative Class“, a podcast dedicated to freelancers and wannabe freelancers. In each episode, they delve into one aspect of this way of professional living, highlighting perils, but also rewards. Both hosts have vast experience, and deliver it with humor. They run a course with the same name, that I urge you to take if you’re thinking of going it alone.


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