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Here you will find the tools, services and websites I recommend for your online activity. I use or have used every of the resources I recommend.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. That means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you, but it will help me continue to help you.


I truly believe in the value of continuous education throughout life. So does Chase Jarvis, CreativeLive’s founder. That’s why he created the company. You can watch live courses for free, on a huge number of topics like photography, podcasting, arts and crafts, business, design, and many others. You can also, of course, purchase them and learn at your own pace. I have taken many courses with them and will continue to do so. They recruit the best instructors and the courses are lively and filled with useful information. Give them a try!



Running your own business takes grit. Whether you already support yourself or if you’re just starting to plan building your own thing, you know it’s hard work.

Creating and running a business is also exciting. It’s your freedom, your livelihood, the work of your hands. It’s cool as shit.

The guys at Fizzle help indie entrepreneurs make weekly progress on their business because it’s tough to build your thing and we all need help.

You’ll have access to dozens of video courses, articles, business guides, a weekly virtual session with a member of the team where you can pose questiong, and a monthly Office Hours with the whole team. I’m a happy member and you should be too. Know more about Fizzle.


Having a mailing list is a must if you have a website or blog. Being able to access your visitor’s mailbox is a valuable asset you should take advantage of. Aweber is the email provider I use to handle my communications. They take care of the sign up process, and have an easy to use template based editor. And, above all, privacy and spam concerns are taken care of, because users must consent to receive news from you. There is no other way. Know more about Aweber.


Verve Hosting

I’ve been using Verve Hosting to host my websites since 2002, if I remember correctly. So, if I haven’t changed, it means I’m happy. Their support division is very responsive, and they solved every problem I’ve had efficiently. And I had a few, mainly due to me messing up 🙂 It is a good and inexpensive solution for you to host your site. Know more about Verve Hosting.