Paris now has a digital museum of fine arts

Since April 2018, Paris has a new addition to it’s cultural scene: The Atelier des Lumières. The Atelier, built in collaboration with Culturespaces, is located in an 19th century foundry, recovered to host the new initiative.

You can visit three exhibitions for now, one dedicated to painter Gustav Klimt, one to architect Hundertwasser, and a contemporary creation called “Poetic_Ai”, by digital creation studio Ouchhh. The art is projected on 10 meter walls, spread over an area of 3 300 square meters.

This new project contributes to attract new public to museums, and uses digital technologies to do it. It will certainly be the first contact with art of a new group of visitors, usually more used to video games and smartphones.

This kind of initiative, crossing the worlds of digital technologies and art is very important for changing cultural habits, gathering new audiences, and reformatting the way art is presented.


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