Building a website for artist Anton Skrzypiciel

Anton Skrzypiciel is a professional dancer, actor, and teacher, born in Australia, but of the whole world. He has lived in places like England, Germany, Thailand and, most recently, Portugal. He has also been a dear friend, for close to 15 years. Over the years, I have nagged him about having a website, and not just a presence on Twitter where he is hilarious, but known to get excited about several issues close to his heart, namely tennis.

Anyway, a website is, as I have before noted, your home on the internet. I’m all for having a presence in social media, but you should have a solid ground on a website that remains your own.

For him, and for artists in general, I advocate a simple structure for the site. It should feature an up to date bio page, highlights of the most notable work, an agenda, a gallery with good headshots and stage photos, and a contact page. It is always good to have a blog, where you can share your comings and goings, latest work, and behind the scenes. But I get that most won’t have the inclination or the time, and for those aspects rely on social media.

Lessons learned

  • Keep it simple
  • Use good photos highlighting the artist’s work
  • Get the artist’s approval during the process
  • Get feedback after completing the project.

You can see the site¬† and follow Anton’s work at

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