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As I told you in a previous article, the European Wine City initiative 2018 was attributed to Alenquer and Torres Vedras, two cities with a developing wine industry. I was commissioned by the Alenquer Municipality to build a site for “Wine Discoveries“, a business ideas competition.

The competition aims to promote the development of business ideas applicable in the areas of Viticulture, Winemaking and Enotourism. The prize includes incubation, mentoring, and a monetary prize.

I worked closely with my contact in Alenquer, in both planning the site and also on the implementation. We kept in touch with a very interactive approach, where I built some features and he validated them almost in real time. We even did some working skype sessions where he could see the changes being made right at the moment they were made.

The site showcases the competition and there are six areas, that you can see on the site. The most tricky components were the mentors page and the application form. For the form I had to do some extra work with conditional clauses.

Lessons learned

  • It makes all the difference if you establish a good working relationship with the client,
  • Have clear deadlines and do your best to comply,
  • Take advantage of the free resourses online. “Google is your friend”,
  • Get feedback after completing the project,
  • Keep the conversarion going. Find motives to keep in touch, like asking how things are going or sending a performance report.

You can see the site at and check out the initiative.

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