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Way back in 2006, I took a professional course on management and production for the performing arts. From that course Coffeepaste was born. This has been my passion project ever since, and I work every single day to make it grow and reach more people.

It comprises two parts: A big classifieds section, where artists can find work and training, and an editorial section featuring interviews and articles from cultural agents. The site is in Portuguese only, so I’m sorry if you don’t speak the language and can’t enjoy it.

The project started as a simple blog on Blogspot, with only the classifieds section. It gained traction over the years, and in 2013 we decided to build the bigger site (portal?). It has been growing ever since. It had almost 1 million page views in 2017, and our aim is to surpass it this year. We have countless articles, and over 100 video interviews.

Last year we started organizing our own workshops in the arts field, and plan to have one every couple of months.

As far as future plans go, we intend to organize more events, grow our training offer, and give the website a facelift.

This is something I see myself doing for the foreseeable future, since it perfectly combines my two passions: Culture and Digital.



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