Books read in October 2022

This October I read three books, a bit below average. But I’m steadily on my way to cross the 50 books a year mark I set for myself a few years ago. Here they are:

  • Último caderno de Lanzarote, by José Saramago
    This is the last of 6 books, chronicling José Saramago’s daily life in Lanzarote, the place in Spain he chose to live with his wife, Pilar del Rio. This is a special volume, written in 1998, the year he received the Nobel Prize for Literature.
  • Depois a louca sou eu, de Tati Bernardi
    A book of funny yet serious chronicles, from writer Tati Bernardi. She struggles with mental health issues, namely panic attacks. The way she writes about it is disarming, yet humorous. A great discovery.
  • Less is Lost, by Andrew Sean Greer
    A sequel to the great “Less”, “Less is Lost” follows Arthur Less, a gay white middle aged writer, as he travels through America. Funny, soul searching, and touching at the same time.
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