Books read in November 2022

Ah well… November was a weak month in what book reading is concerned. Only two. What I don’t mention is the amount of magazines I also read 🙂 Of note is the fact that I broke the 50 book mark this year, and there’s still a month to go. So, here are the books I read this November:

  • Os 10 mandamentos do investidor, de San Eng, Oia Eng e Tim Eng
    “Ten Commandments of Investing”: 10 principles when considering making investing a part of your financial strategy. Lately, I’ve been reading about investing, something I’ve never done but I’m more and more curious about.
  • What Artists Wear, by Charlie Porter
    A fascinating read about contemporary artists and the clothes they choose to present themselves in. How those choices are made, and how they affect their public personas and their modes of working,
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