Books read in January 2023

The year started on average: one book a week. It will be a challenge to keep it and to reach last year’s 57 total, but I’ll sure try. Here are the books I read this January:

  • Manifesto, by Bernardine Evaristo
    A book about her experience in live and in writing, from the author of the acclaimed “Girl, Women, Other”
  • On Directing Film, by David Mamet
    I’ve been forever fascinated with cinema, and have at times thought of directing (who knows?). This book by playwright and director David Mamet sheds some light and shares his ideas on the subject.
  • As Notícias: Um manual de utilização, de Alain de Botton
    “The News: A manual”. A fascinating topic, more and more relevant. Alain de Botton is one of my favorite storytellers, who can tackle any topic with interest. In this book, he tells about the many facets of the news.
  • Let’s talk, by Nihal Arthanayake
    In this most interesting book, Nihal Arthanayake delves into the topic of interviews, in its varied aspects. Since it’s what I do on a regular basis, I thought I’d learn a bit more about it.
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