Books read in 2014

Books read in 2014 2018-08-26T16:53:31+01:00
  1. Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, by Nir Eyal
  2. Ctrl Alt Delete: Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life, by Mitch Joel
  3. Lexicon, by Max Barry.
  4. Age of Context, by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel
  5. The Promise of a Pencil, by Adam Braun
  6. Thrive, by Arianna Huffington
  7. Show Your Work!, by Austin Kleon
  8. On Writing, by Stephen King
  9. The good Creative, by Paul Jarvis
  10. “The Eventual Millionaire”, by Jaime Tardy
  11. The Freaks shall Inherit the Earth, by Chris Brogan
  12. «Things a Little Bird Told Me», by Biz Stone
  13. “Ender’s Game”, by Orson Scott Card
  14. Speaker for the Dead, by Orson Scott Card
  15. A Beautiful Anarchy, by David duChemin
  16. “David and Goliath”, by Malcolm Gladwell
  17. “The Personal MBA”, by Josh Kaufman
  18. “The People’s Platform”, by Astra Taylor
  19. “Personal Development for Smart People, By Steve Pavlina
  20. “The Dinner”, by Herman Koch
  21. “Superfreakonomics” by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner.
  22. “Youtility, by Jay Baer
  23. IT Manager’s Handbook, by Bill Holtsnider
  24. “The First-Time Manager” by Loren B. Belker, Jim McCormick and Gary S. Topchik.
  25. Start With Why, by Simon Sinek
  26. “How to Win at the Sport of Business”, by Mark Cuban
  27. Shark Tales, by Barbara Corcoran
  28. Driven, by Robert Herjavec
  29. Cold hard truth on men, women, and money, by Kevin O’Leary
  30. Leaders Eat Last, by Simon Sinek
  31. 10% Happier, by Dan Harris
  32. How to Feed a Starving Artist, by David duChemin
  33. The E-Myth Revisited, by Michael E. Gerber
  34. The Lean Startup, by Eric Ries
  35. Media Audiences – Effects, Users, Institutions, and Power, by John L. Sullivan
  36. “Mornings in Jenin”, by Susan Abulhawa.
  37. “Business Model Generation”, by Alexander Osterwalder
  38. Cypherpunks, by Julian Assange et al
  39. The Net Delusion, by Evgeni Morozov
  40. Redes de Indignação e Esperança, Manuel Castells
  41. Saints of the Shadow Bible, by Ian Rankin
  42. The Spy in the Coffee Machine, by Kieron O’Hara and Nigel Shadbolt