5 reasons I’ll be at the Web Summit for the 5th time

2013 Dublin – Check!
2014 Dublin – Check!
2016 Lisbon – Check!
2017 Lisbon – Check!

The Web Summit is the largest gathering of tech and startups in the world. Of course it didn’t begin that way. What started with a gathering of 300 people in Dublin, grew to an event that expects over 60 thousand attendees this year in Lisbon.

Technology is my area of training, so I got interested in the event almost since its inception. I ‘ve had the chance to be there four times, with 2018 being the 5th. With the move to Lisbon, I got a welcome chance to save some money in travel and accommodation, although I loved the two times I got to visit Dublin.

Here are the five reasons I’ll be at the Web Summit for the 5th time

1. Environment

The overall atmosphere of the conference is very attractive. It’s a diverse, international and multicultural environment. People come from all over the world, to be immersed in three days of innovation and technology. Yes, in earlier years it had a more cozy feeling, something you can’t emulate when you have 60 thousand attendees. And I must say I really miss the Food Summit. But the overall feeling is relaxed.

2. Speakers

The quality of the speakers has been outstanding, at least since I started attending. People like Bono, Stephen Hawkings, Al Gore, Reed Hastings, Jack Dorsey, Travis Kalanick, Eva Longoria, and Gary Vaynerchuk are just a small sample of the caliber of the keynotes the Summit has seen. They have entertained, moved, and surprised the audience over the years.

3. Learning

There hasn’t been an edition of the Web Summit when I haven’t learned something new. I also get to know exciting initiatives being launched or developed. It’s a chance to find out, first hand, what the innovators are doing.

4. Immersion

Being a bit of a geek, I love the chance to be immersed in tech culture for 3 whole days. The speakers, the startups present, the sponsors, all add to the excitement and bring something new to the table. It’s a pleasure to wander the halls and explore.

5. Something new

This year, I’ll be highlighting and interviewing some digital players doing culture right, since thst’s what this blog is all about. I’ll be researching the startups and speakers present at the Summit, and my plan is to make contact and do small interviews with a few of them, mostly the ones who have a foot in culture.

So, if you already know of any companies doing culture in tech, or tech in culture, please let me know. Also, If you plan to be at the Summit, drop me a line and let’s grab a coffee.

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