5 reasons for having a website

We live in an increasingly digital world. Besides, managing a small structure, company, or even an activity under our own name takes up more and more time, and the tasks we have to do seem never ending. This can’t be an excuse not to have a presence online. Nowadays, having a website is as important as having a physical store or a phone number. A site is a fundamental presence to position ourselves in the market. Here are the main reasons for  having a website.

Always accessible (24/7)

The fact that you have a website means your clients (or potential clients) can find you from anywhere, anytime. Even at odd hours, your site will be accessible and providing information that can lead to work. Besides, by having a site, you will be in a better position than those who don’t, and don’t have the opportunity to show themselves online.

It keeps people informed

A website is your home online. In it, you can include any information you choose, and show your work when and in the way you decide. It is, therefore, a stage for your creations and ideas, letting you be known to new audiences, and keeping your existing audience up to date.


By having a website, you allow your work the chance to be known to people interested in it, and show them your strong points, and why they should bet on you.

More and more, the first step people take when hearing about a project or brand, is to research it online to check its credibility. If your site is well structured and provides enough information, you will be in a good position to attract more people.

Attract new clients

One of the main advantages of having a website is the potential to attract new clients. As they search and navigate the internet, they discover new entities of whom they may become clients. This way, important commercial and partnership connections can take place.


If not having a website means lost opportunities, having a bad site can mean the same. The site should look good, and contain relevant and up to date information. I shall write more about this in a coming article. Still, I tell you: if you have an outdated site or one with little helpful information, it’s better to put it on hold until you have the chance to plan and build a well thought out web presence.

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