10 interesting links from around the Web #031

From my daily browsing and reading time, I selected ten links that I found interesting both in the cultural and digital realms (and at their intersection). As you will see, the subjects vary from vandalism in the Colosseum, to Marina Abramovic in London, to Jackson Pollock NFTs.

  1. New Orleans Museum of Art faces public outcry for hiring white curator of African art
    The museum is facing heated critique on social media over the appointment of Amanda Maples, a white woman, to oversee its African art collection
  2. A Tourist Who Was Arrested for Carving His and His Girlfriend’s Names Into the Colosseum Is Begging for Forgiveness
    The man was told that he could face a sentence of two to five years in jail and a fine of up to $16,000.
  3. Photographer Harry Benson Captured Candid Images of the Stars, Including the Beatles and Liza Minnelli. Here Are the Stories Behind 6 of His Iconic Photos
    The 93-year-old Scottish photographer is getting due recognition for a lifetime spent capturing pop culture’s biggest icons.
  4. Marina Abramovic to take over London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall this autumn
    A selection of artists have been invited by Abramovic to stage long-form performances in the concert venue—including backstage areas normally off-limits to visitors
  5. Netherlands to Return 478 Looted Objects to Indonesia and Sri Lanka
    The trove includes six objects from the collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, marking the institution’s first repatriation of colonial objects.
  6. An Immersive Tour of Tim Burton’s Spine-Tinglingly Surreal Cinematic Universe Just Opened in Paris. Peek Inside His ‘Weird Funhouse’ Here  (image)
    “Labyrinth” presents around 150 artworks from Burton.
  7. One in three UK artists say they can’t afford to stay in the art industry
    The true impact of the cost of living crisis on British art is revealed in a new survey by the UK charity Acme
  8. A Fixation With Non-Conforming Bodies Is Pervading Contemporary Art. Here’s How Two Shows in London Capture the Trend
    The exhibitions celebrate contemporary artists that look beyond conventional understandings of our flesh.
  9. Jackson Pollock’s Paint-Splattered Studio Floor, Caked With Residues of His Artistic Activity, Will Be Featured in a New NFT Collection
    For the Ab-Ex star’s first Web3 outing, collectors will receive a NFT and a hand-numbered museum-quality print.
  10. Frieze buys The Armory Show and Expo Chicago
    The London-based franchise expands further into the US market with the acquisition of two of its largest fairs

Image: A room devoted to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at “Tim Burton’s Labyrinth.” Photo: Fabian Morasut.

If, during your travels through the Wild Wild Web you find a link that catches your attention, let me know. I’ll take a look and, if I also find it interesting, it will make the following week’s list.

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