10 interesting links from around the Web #030

From my daily browsing and reading time, I selected ten links that I found interesting both in the cultural and digital realms (and at their intersection). As you will see, the subjects vary from a 2000-year-old pizza, to the Turner prize, to contemporary art’s midlife crisis.

  1. Pompeii fresco may show pizza’s 2,000-year-old ancestor, archaeologist says
    The painting was found close to Naples, home of the famous margherita pizza
  2. 11 Art Books to Add to Your Reading List This Summer
    Our staff and contributors recommend titles for your next artsy summer read, including writings by Philip Guston and Sophie Calle, musings on slime, and a mystery novel set at The Met Cloisters.
  3. A New Exhibition Reveals How Man Ray, the Enigmatic Surrealist Photographer, Bridged the Worlds of Art and Fashion
    “Man Ray and Fashion” runs through August 13 at MoMu, the fashion museum of Antwerp, Belgium.
  4. Your Car Needs ChatGPT, Actually
    As hyped up as chatbots like ChatGPT have ballooned to be, your car could actually be the ideal venue to realize the full utility of AI assistants.
  5. A World in Common: the trailblazing new wave of African photographers
    We spoke with six photographers from the continent’s new vanguard of image-making about their visions of Africa past, present and future
  6. What Can We Expect From the Turner Prize Show This Fall? The Four Finalists Discuss the Works That Earned Them the Nod for the Top Award
    The show opens at Towner Eastbourne, on the south east coast of England, September 28.
  7. What Is the Future of Istanbul’s LGBTQ Art Scene?
    The threat posed to the city’s progressive galleries and queer artists following the reelection of the conservative AK Party this May suggests profound changes still to come
  8. Contemporary Art’s Midlife Crisis
    Seen when young, unseen in middle age, seen again as you get older. Does that sound familiar? If so, you may be an artist
  9. A music tour of New York City: from Hip-Hop to Broadway
    Soak up the sights and sounds of the Big Apple’s legendary music culture
  10. How Afghanistan’s art degrees are disappearing
    The Taliban’s restrictions on women’s freedom, the absence of expertise and a collapsed economy are limiting opportunities in higher education

Image: Ghislaine Leung, Public Sculpture (2018), installation view of “Fountains” at Simian, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2023. Courtesy the artist and Simian, Copenhagen; and Maxwell Graham, New York; and Cabinet, London. Photo: GRAYSC.

If, during your travels through the Wild Wild Web you find a link that catches your attention, let me know. I’ll take a look and, if I also find it interesting, it will make the following week’s list.

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