10 interesting links from around the Web #018

From my daily browsing and reading time, I selected ten links that I found interesting both in the cultural and digital realms (and at their intersection). As you will see, the subjects vary from artists to watch in 2023, to David Hockney to Yayoi Kusama’s latest venture. This is a weekly feature, on every Monday. I hope you enjoy it.

  1. 13 Artists Poised to Break Out Big in 2023, According to Naomi Beckwith, Marilyn Minter, and Other Art-World Insiders
    Preview the art stars of tomorrow here.
  2. David Hockney to launch immersive art show in London in January 2023
    ‘David Hockney: Bigger & Closer (not smaller & further away)’ at the Lightroom in London will use digital projection and audio technology to deliver a journey through Hockney’s world
  3. Largest-Ever Vermeer Exhibition Opening at Rijksmuseum in 2023
    From February through June, the Amsterdam museum will display 28 works by the Dutch Golden Age master.
  4. Art market predictions for 2023: wet painting is out but guarantees are here to stay
    Auctioneer Simon de Pury looks into his crystal hammer
  5. Ancient Stone Tools Once Thought to be Made by Humans Were Actually Crafted by Monkeys, Say Archaeologists
    If monkeys made the tools, it’s a major blow to experts seeking to disprove the long-held “Clovis First” theory.
  6. Connecting the Dots: A Decade Later, Yayoi Kusama Returns for a Second Louis Vuitton Collaboration
    In 2012, the iconic Japanese artist delivered the ultimate fashion team-up with the French luxury brand. Now, at 93, she’s back.
  7. Parallel Art Shows in London and Berlin Conjure Up Political Utopias… Using A.I. and Celebrity Deepfakes
    “Another World” does not let reality become swallowed up in fiction. Instead, it asks us to observe the line between the two—even as it blurs.
  8. From a Magritte Murder Mystery to an Edward Hopper Automat, Here Are Some of the Greatest Artworks Made in 1927 That Just Entered in the Public Domain
    Pieces by Dalí, Miró, and O’Keeffe are now free to use.
  9. Wonderfruit 2022 balances art, culture, music and nature in Thailand
    Wonderfruit 2022 featured a masterplan by Ab Rogers with pavilions and installations that blend art and culture, music and nature
  10. Here’s What You Can Expect at CES 2023
    Technology’s biggest trade show must go on, in spite of rough economic headwinds. These are the trends and innovations to keep an eye out for.

Image: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

If, during your travels through the Wild Wild Web you find a link that catches your attention, let me know. I’ll take a look and, if I also find it interesting, it will make the following week’s list.

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