10 interesting links from around the Web #013

From my daily browsing and reading time, I selected ten links that I found interesting both in the cultural and digital realms (and at their intersection). As you will see, the subjects vary from the comeback of Madonna’s “Sex” book, to a Yayoi Kusama interview, to contemporary art gifts. This is a weekly feature, on every Monday. I hope you enjoy it.

  1. Why are so many African art fairs dominated by non-African dealers?
    Comparing the homegrown Art X Lagos to more global events like 1-54 brings up tough questions about race that the art world still struggles to answer
  2. Is the World Finally Ready for Madonna’s ‘Sex’ Book? A Pop-Up Show in Miami Definitively Answers the Question, 30 Years On
    The pop star’s groundbreaking 1992 collaboration with photographer Steven Meisel is being reappraised and re-released by Saint Laurent.
  3. Yayoi Kusama interview: ‘Painting helps me to keep away thoughts of death’
    We interview legendary Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, who discusses her major retrospective at M+, Hong Kong, the ‘power of art’, and her desire, at 93 years old, ‘to create ever more original works’
  4. Artists Discuss How Psychedelics Influence Their Work
    Visual artists who incorporate psychedelics into their practices maintain a foundational understanding that there is more to reality than meets the eye.
  5. There Has to Be a Better Way to Argue About the Climate-Activist Attacks on Art
    The strategy of “pushing cultural buttons” comes with a price.
  6. David Hockney to launch immersive art show in London in January 2023
    ‘David Hockney: Bigger & Closer (not smaller & further away)’ at the Lightroom in London will use digital projection and audio technology to deliver a journey through Hockney’s world
  7. DALL-E, the A.I. Art App, Is the Breakout Star of a New Show About Dreams at Florida’s Dalí Museum
    Visitors can watch images from their dreams stripped of their individual significance and fused together into a single AI hivemind fantasy.
  8. Pong at 50: the video game that ‘changed the world’
    Atari’s breakthrough invention remains a ‘touchstone’ in the history of gaming
  9. An Achingly Personal Portrait of Nan Goldin
    All the Beauty and the Bloodshed forcefully posits multiple parallels between the world Nan Goldin grew up in and the one she fights in today.
  10. The best 10 art gifts for the creative in your life
    Get inspired with our ongoing guide to the best art gifts for the 2022 Christmas season

If, during your travels through the Wild Wild Web you find a link that catches your attention, let me know. I’ll take a look and, if I also find it interesting, it will make the following week’s list.

Image: A guest at Art X Lagos 2022 in front of Ulin-Nóifo, A Lineage that Never Ends, an installation by Victor Ehikhamenor. Courtesy of Art X Lagos

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