10 interesting links from around the Web #009

From my daily browsing and reading time, I selected ten links that I found interesting both in the cultural and digital realms (and at their intersection). As you will see, the subjects vary from the new Netflix plans, to the transformation on Bilbao to new sculptures in Qatar. This is a weekly feature, on every Monday. I hope you enjoy it.

  1. Wangechi Mutu Is Urgently Optimistic About the Future
    Mutu’s imposing sculptural characters magnify her decades-long collage practice as sites of cultural, psychological, and sociopolitical transformation.
  2. The Gaze is Back on the Agenda, But Who’s Looking at Whom?
    Three current photography shows in London demonstrate how structures of power influence visual culture.
  3. As Netflix dives into advertising, media buyers watch the clock
    Some advertisers are taking a wait-and-see approach to ads on the platform’s as-yet untested tier.
  4. Night of the Sentinels: The oral history of X-Men: The Animated Series’ risky debut
    The creators of X-Men: The Animated Series reflect on their pilot episode and how everything came together.
  5. The British Museum Declined to Display Ultra-Precise Digital Replicas of the Parthenon Marbles. So Another Museum Snapped Them Up
    Restitution talks between the U.K. and Greece are said to be underway.
  6. Guggenheim effect: how the museum helped transform Bilbao
    The Basque city locals remember as grimy and industrial has changed a lot since the Frank Gehry-designed building sprang up 25 years ago
  7. Tired of Those Basic Holiday Selfies? A Luxury Hotel in Monte Carlo Is Offering Elite Guests a Specially Painted Portrait for Just $2,700
    The artist David Djian carefully builds up his sitters’ faces through a cluster of richly colorful brushstrokes on aluminum.
  8. The Fibonacci Numbers Hiding in Strange Spaces
    Recent explorations of unique geometric worlds reveal perplexing patterns, including the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio.
  9. Has a Mondrian work been exhibited upside down for 75 years?
    A photograph taken in the Dutch artist’s studio shortly after his death suggests “New York City I” has been displayed the wrong way round since 1945
  10. A giant inflatable Koons, a desert mirror illusion and a giant football goal: seven of the best new sculptures in Qatar
    On display from the airport to the desert, the public art commissions have been installed in time for the World Cup this month

Photo © Iwan Baan

If, during your travels through the Wild Wild Web you find a link that catches your attention, let me know. I’ll take a look and, if I also find it interesting, it will make the following week’s list.

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