5 reasons I’ll be at the Web Summit for the 5th time

2013 Dublin - Check! 2014 Dublin - Check! 2016 Lisbon - Check! 2017 Lisbon - Check! The Web Summit is the largest gathering of tech and startups in the world. Of course it didn't begin that way. What started with a gathering of 300 people in Dublin, grew to an [...]

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6 tips to manage a Social Media Crisis

There comes a time in every organization when crisis knocks. Either a discontent costumer, someone who doesn’t like you or your brand, a piece of news that paints you in a less favorable light, or any other reason that may snap you from your happy posting and send you in [...]

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Owned vs rented online presence

Social media has been getting loads of attention in recent years. And deservedly so. It attracts more and more people. Over 75% of the online population is present on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIN, Pinterest, or Instagram. Nevertheless, you should beware of putting all your eggs in [...]

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How artists can use digital technologies to promote their work

The intersection of the digital world with culture is one of my big passions. So, it was only a matter of time until I started writing about it. The use of technology in the arts is not new, and it’s something we see more and more today. Yet, that make [...]

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